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Artigiano have easily got the best quality plus size clothing on the web, and in our opinion their Italian designers have left better known plus size clothes boutiques like Dawn French's 16/47 far behind them. They have fashion flair, they use excellent material like cashmere, angora and merino, and have excellent looking finish. They might not appear cheap at first glance, but we believe similar quality on the Irish high street would cost double. Sizes 8 - 24.
Delivery charges to Ireland are £8.95

Anna Scholz
Since 1995, Anna Scholz's designer clothing has given plus size women a sexy, confident edge to create their own fashion statements, with sophistication and style. Fantastic clothing and a dynamic, informative website contribute to great shopping.
Addressing the demand among women sized 12-28 for designer clothing that is chic and stylish, not only does AnnaScholz offer silk, cashmere, leather and all of the luxe fabrics that everyone wants, she encourages plus size women to enjoy fashion.
Attention to detail and the perfect fit are always a priority - designs are all about body enhancing to make a woman feel sensual and feminine. Seen in luxury retailers such as Harrod's and Saks Fifth Avenue as well as numerous boutiques throughout Europe. Signed for delivery is 20

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Irish womens occasion wear and fashion in plus sizes.