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Advice on selecting jewellery that's complimentary to a fuller figure.

Jewellery is the perfect way to finish off a gorgeous outfit; the icing on the cake! If you are a larger lady, you have probably learnt how to dress to suit your figure but what about jewellery? Accessories are ideal for plus size ladies, as they are immune to weight gain or weight loss and can change the look of your entire outfit. Your jewellery will still look great even if you are not feeling too confident in your clothes right now. Choosing amazing jewellery will make you look great, feel fabulous and walk taller!

Top Tips:
1] Avoid necklaces which rest on or above your bust. Longer line necklaces are much more flattering. Equally, stay away from chokers or tight-fitting chains.
2] Choose long, dangly earrings to make your neck look longer and more slender. If you prefer studs, choose something angular, square or oblong to flatter a round face.
3] Delicate items can become lost on bigger girls. Don't choose anything too small.

Whether you have trouble finding jewellery to fit, or just don`t know what to choose, here are some tips to make sure you look fabulous.

Choose Chunky
As with other accessories, plus-size women can carry off large, chunky pieces of jewellery which can overwhelm slimmer girls. Think big pieces of costume jewellery. Wearing a few chunky bracelets or bangles in bold colours will make your wrists look thinner whilst cocktail rings will make your fingers appear more slender.

Be Bold
Likewise, bold colours can look great on big girls and can also be used to avert attention away from problem areas. A gorgeous, bright and colourful bracelet will draw eyes to your wrists which are often the slimmest part of a woman`s body.

Find Your Size
Just as with your clothes, wearing jewellery that`s a little too small can create bumps and bulges in all the wrong places. These are unflattering and can make you appear bigger than you actually are. There are plenty of high street stores and internet shops which specialise in clothing for plus size ladies and many of these also sell jewellery and other accessories in sizes to suit everyone.

Look for Adjustable Items
This particularly applies to bracelets and necklaces. Lots of these have chains which can be fastened anywhere along their length, which means they can be adjusted to fit you perfectly. Rings and watches can also be adjustable. Of course, if you have some jewellery-making skills, you could also add in some links or a chain (these are known as findings) to items that you love. Lots of jewellers also offer a jewellery adjustment service.

Make Your Own
If you are looking for a true one-off piece of jewellery, perhaps something to match a special outfit or something gorgeous for your wedding day, the very best thing to do is to make your own. Most colleges offer short jewellery making courses whilst you can purchase all the beads, tools, kits and findings you need online. Cookson Gold has a great selection in all colours and styles. If you are not at all `crafty`, look for a local jeweller who can create beautiful, bespoke pieces to suit your requirements.

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